Say Goodbye to That Stubborn Stump

Find out what a stump grinding service in Ardmore & Columbia, TN can do for you

A leftover tree stump is more than just an eyesore. It's also a safety hazard and a potential home for wood-eating insects. Evergreen Tree Service is a reliable stump removal and stump grinding service based in Ardmore & Columbia, TN. We can get rid of the tree stumps in your yard for good, no matter their size.

Contact Evergreen Tree Service now to schedule a stump removal appointment. We'll come out to your home or business in the Ardmore & Columbia, TN area right away.

Turn your old stump into woodchips

Turn your old stump into woodchips

If you need mulch for landscaping, why not use a source of wood that's already on your property? Our stump grinding service can turn your stump into woodchips that you can reuse. You can count on our crew to:

  • Inspect your stump and choose the right equipment
  • Grind your stump down to the ground
  • Dig around the stump and cut through any remaining roots
  • Remove the debris and cover up the area

To schedule your stump removal, call 931-309-0839 today. Evergreen Tree Service can also grind down unwanted bushes and make your landscape look like new.

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